Marshaling resources to empower the vulnerable population within our communities.

"One New Year's Day we packed a cooler of food and beverages and drove around town to feed those who were on the streets. My heart skipped a beat to see the joy in their eyes when we took the time to spend a little Holiday time with them"...  Founder, Holly Malloy Read the full story

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The Dallas Do Good Endeavor 13th Annual Homeless Holiday Party. We are currently accepting donations for the event. We need coats, blankets, and warm clothing for men and women. Fill out the form below the calendar to schedule a donation pick up.

The Do Good Endeavor is a registered 501 (3) (c) Corporation

Gather your tribe and pledge to do-good in your community. Below is a calendar of events we've compiled for you - sign up, show up - make a difference!


Do you or someone you know need a Do Gooder?  Do you have an event or a suggestion about where Do Gooders can be of service?  

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Our team of Do Gooders are here to help.  We focus on a series of ongoing issues our community faces with homelessness.  In addition we strive to to uncover the many facets that cause homelessness.  We know we can't end these awful cycles that face over 80,ooo Dallas families, but we have proven we can sure change lives, bring smiles, and give someone confidence to make a change.

Our philosophy is a bit different: we strive to remain a grass-roots organization. We started as a group of friends and built an unbreakable emotional bond through serving others together. We continue to grow our organization by encouraging groups of friends, neighborhood organizations, and families to do the same. We can't wait for the proverbial "someone" to do something about the homeless epidemic in our communities. We urge these micro-groups to make the mission personal, assemble a tribe, and take action. The Do Good Endeavor does the leg work by partnering with like minded organizations to bring you a calendar of upcoming events and direct links to volunteer your group.

Sign up, show up - make a difference!

 Want to help, but don't have the time in your busy schedule? We understand completely. Donations are crucial in helping us keep move the mission forward.  From buying thermal blankets for dissemination on cold nights, to hosting this website - every dime of your donation goes towards helping serve the homeless population in the DFW area. 





Resources and Links

Safe Horizon - Homeless youth statistics

Emergency and Domestic Violence Shelters

State of the Homeless Address 2016 (watch now)- Cindy J. Crain MDHA President and CEO delivers 2nd annual State of the Homeless Address

Many youth are homeless, not by choice, but by circumstance. North Texas Youth Connection Program

80,000 Dallas families have no home tonight...

In the Dallas area alone, about 80,000 families - typically a single woman with young children - are homeless on any given night, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Experts say the numbers are probably much higher than the current estimates because homeless families are less noticeable than what people usually see on their streets. Keeping this in mind, our program is designed to meet the need of the Homeless by providing, food, shelter, clothing and toiletries; all the basic needs that are not currently being met. 

- source Homeless Coalition of Dallas

What are the cause of youth and teen homelessness?

Young people are at far greater risk of becoming homeless if:

  • Their parents engage in substance abuse or have mental health problems.
  • They suffered or witnessed child abuse or neglect in the home.
  • The family has been homeless previously.
  • They identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.
  • They have been in foster care.
    • Children who have been in foster care are at greater risk of becoming homeless at an earlier age and to remain homeless for a longer period of time than other youth.

How is child abuse related to youth and teen homelessness?

  • 46% of homeless youth escaped a home where they suffered physical abuse.
  • 17% left because of sexual abuse.

What happens to homeless youth and homeless teens on the streets?

Young people who are too old for foster care, yet too young to apply for social services are often forced into homelessness. Homeless youths can face devastating short and long-term consequences.

  • Nearly 43% of homeless young men and 39% of homeless young women say they were assaulted with a weapon while living on the streets.
  • Homeless youth suffer significant mental health problems including: depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders.
  • Homeless youth are approximately 75% more likely to self-medicate and abuse substances as a means to deal with trauma and abuse.
  • Children living on the streets are more likely to engage in “survival sex” – trading sex to gain food, clothing, drugs, money, or just for a safe place to sleep at night.
  • According to a San Francisco government study, 17% of homeless youth are HIV-positive.
  • Homeless youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered are more likely commit suicide than other youth.

A message from the ORIGINAL Do Gooder, Holly Malloy on how the Do Good ENDEAVOR came to be

Back in the 1990's when I came to visit my brother and his wife during the Christmas holiday, one New Years Day we packed a cooler of food and beverages and drove around town to feed those who were on the streets. My heart skipped a beat to see the joy in their eyes when we took the time to spend a little Holiday time with them. 

After I moved back to Texas in 2000, I decided to dedicate my time and effort to make this an annual tradition. I would pass through those same streets filling Santa Claus hats with sandwiches, chips, popcorn and candy. At that time, I was a flight attendant and after realizing the success of making people happy, I would periodically visit the same areas on my days off from work and continue to fill hats with food and provide it to those who were less fortunate. On one special occasion before leaving for work, I handed out a hat to a nice gentlemen who was so grateful for my kindness that he blessed me. 

Upon returning from that work trip, I passed by the same corner on a cold wintry night and saw the same sweet gentlemen wearing that same Santa's hat that I had given him 7 days before and he was still blessing those who drove by. It was at that time that I realized that gentlemen made me feel blessed. 

Earlier this year, I had finally decided to file my original “Santa’s Hats Feeding of the Homeless” theme as a 501© 3 non-profit foundation. I am very fortunate to have 13 women join me on the board of our new organization, as they have been very instrumental in making this vision a reality for me. 

As I have mentioned before, we wanted to broaden our reach to help others within our local communities, as well as to inspire others to help those in need. After long consideration and wonderful brainstorming with the board, we have officially changed the name of our organization to the "Do Good Endeavor", with the board members and volunteers being the “Do Gooders" as we want to encourage everyone “To Do Good”.

As part of the new organization, we have also finalized our Mission statement: “Marshaling Recourses to empower the vulnerable population with our communities”.

I hope that you will join us for our journey; as we are in the process of developing our website and Facebook page. In the meantime, we will be accepting donations on this page to help with payment of the fees for the foundation and banking for our next "Do Good Endeavor". 

Thanks to everyone for their love and support! 

Holly Malloy | Founder


Meet Do Gooders 





Board Member Do Gooders

  • Holly Harris | Founder
  • Dawn Sorna | Treasurer  
  • Amy Harris  | Secretary
  • Stacy Apple | Marketing 
  • Kim Brooks 
  • Cathy Cook 
  • Gretchen Feinhals 
  • Heidi Pedevilla
  • Kim Tipps
  • Kelly Williams